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Design and Build Your Life to Host Bali Magic Mastermind – a Blissful Retreat to Help Renew, Restore, and Reinvent

Worldwide, February 24, 2017 – Kristin Balter, self-made millionaire and spiritual guru, is thrilled to announce Design and Build Your Life’s upcoming retreat – Bali Magic Mastermind. The event will take place March 20th through the 27th, and is set in the breathtaking surroundings of Bali.

Bali Magic Mastermind is limited to ten attendees who have proven their readiness to take the steps to transform their lives and allow their higher purposes to share their true gifts and talents with the world. Each participant’s willingness to set intentions is paramount to the manifest of their goals, along with the goals of the group as a whole.

The focus of the retreat is abundance – with the goal of creating millions while impacting millions. All teachings will provide tools, which allow participants to break from old patterns that are holding them down, and create authentic power. The curriculum was developed to embolden participants to take control over their career and financial well-being, while honouring their unique life paths.

Balter, originally a successful interior designer, recognized the irony of her work. “I spent all this time creating beautiful homes for people, and then in-between clients; I found myself desperately seeking knowledge about my own interior – my soul, my health, my entire well-being. After much contemplation with my teachers, I came to the realization that my calling is to be an interior designer, just not for rooms within a house! Instead, I need to teach my clients how to create a beautiful, functional, and sustainable interior within themselves,” she said.

All participants will stay in one of the most luxurious villas available on the island, in a prime location near Canggu Beach. Participants will spend the first three days attending workshops with Balter, during which time she will share the teachings she’s amassed from many of the industry’s leaders.

After three studious, yet serene, days, the group will travel to yet another spectacular villa at the ARMA Resort in Ubud, where they’ll spend four days attending the Bali Spirit Festival. This year, the festival is celebrating their 10th anniversary, and is sure to provide a host of inspirational magic, stimulating experiences, and conscious thought. Thousands of people from around the world will embark on the grounds of the resort to practice various styles of yoga and dance, relish in the harmony of both contemporary and traditional concerts – including popular artists like Xavier Rudd, and balance themselves through meditation, breath-work, sound healing, and a variety of other soul-cleansing modalities. Bali Magic Mastermind participants will be treated to two full days of workshops – with over 40 to choose from.

Inquiries and applications for attendees can be placed with Kristin Balter by Phone 604-369-8927 or 619-952-1511