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kristin balter 

Kristin Balter is the CEO of Kristin Balter Design Build;  serial entrepreneur,  mindset coach, life strategist  and runs global mastermind retreats from Costa Rica to Italy and Spain. 

She obtained her BSc in Psychology at The University of Toronto and additionally studied psychology at University of Western. She is the creator Soul Tribe Camp , global retreats,  happening around the world.

At the height of her very successful property and design company, Kristin found herself exhausted, overworked, stressed, physically sick and empty. Trying to juggle her life as a single mom, business woman, and well...let's face it...there was nothing left. She knew money and success was not feeding her soul and the stress was deteriorating her health. She was desperate for change.

Kristin went on a half decade quest to discover her own happiness and deeper purpose, which led her to work with world renowned teachers, coaches and healers from all over the world. 

Through all of this, Kristin now travels the globe speaking, works one-on-one in life strategy coaching, and is the main host of the Soul Tribe Camp mastermind series. Her main focus is to unfold the Divine Purpose in all of us and to guide in the flow of abundance in all areas; wealth, spiritual, health and relationships - so you can make create millions simply by being YOU; your Life By Design.

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location free living

Work one on one with Kristin and create the purposeful and powerful plan for your journey to financial freedom and abundance. Be guided in a journey to the unfolding of your truth and purpose here and align with and crate the real time action plan for creating abundance in every area of your life. Begin the journey to financial freedom and your DREAM LIFE today !



Kristin is a powerful speaker who speaks to everyone from small businesses to large audiences. She speaks about changing your mindset and working from a place of purpose. 



Soul Tribe Camp Mastermind Retreats are a series of high vibrational retreats for change makers, held around the globe.  They are experiential in nature, with the main focus of guiding participants to their fullest potential and greatness, while being supported by a tribe of like minded facilitators and change makers from around the globe. Retreats are focused on  unfolding your divine purpose and stepping into your truth and the full power of abundance in every area of life - mind, body and soul, while simultaneously being supported by a deeply rooted spiritual community.


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