The average person spends more on car tires than self-work.

Are you really ready to make the jump to LIVING YOUR DREAM LIFE?

Have you ever dreamed of owning your own business ?

Pictured yourself working from a laptop, while island hoping and meeting interesting people from around the globe>

Leaving the 9-5 and creating something that you are passionate about and excited to create and live every day …

Ready to travel the world and create passive income, simply by doing what you love…AND make a lot of money simply while doing YOU?

Guess what?

That’s the DREAM of most people and yet so few actually make the leap to living a life they love, that creates wealth and abundance for them AND makes them truly happy.


If you’re like most people, you get lost in the HOW.

How will I make ends meet? How can I create my dream life? How will I leave my jobbed support my family ? How will I find my passion? How will I create the time to make this plan?


Invest in YOU. find your deepest purpose NOW and step fully into the TRUTH of who you are.

Its only a few steps away but the reality is so few people will take the necessary steps to get there.

You will never get different results from living the same patterns. If you are READY to step outside of your comfort zone and truly step into your power and greatness and REALLY do this thing called LIFE …We welcome your application to work with Kristin Balter and her team of facilitators and coaches from around the globe.

At Kristin Balter Design Build , ‘Living the Dream” isn’t just a saying, its an aligned, clearly mapped out lifestyle. …worth LIVING!

And the best of all ..its YOURS by creation and design.

This year, spend less than what you spent on your old car tires and step into YOUR WAKING DREAM LIFE.


APPLY NOW and begin Your journey to location free living TOdAY !

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