SOULTRIBECAMP. Link for  our mastermind retreats  under services.

SOULTRIBECAMP. Link for our mastermind retreats under services.

SOULTRIBECAMP. Link for  our mastermind retreats under services.

SOULTRIBECAMP. Link for our mastermind retreats under services.

Join us as we travel to breathtaking and magical destinations around the globe, to create a magical experience in Mind, Body, Soul and Business, while tapping you into your true Greatness.

Join with the support of a tribe that will align you, impact you, motivate you and create relationships that will both encourage and keep you accountable in all areas of your life.

Kristin Balter has a team and tribe of top coaches and speakers from around the world align to up level and guide you in a journey to unfold and re-align the best you possible. This mastermind experience delves deep into purpose work and connection to source along with guiding you to expand and up level your business and every hearts desire in just one week.

Join a tribe of growing change makers who want to learn, expand,  up level and impact one another's growth so that the sky is the limit and you can have it all, making millions while impacting millions is our main mission

...not to mention a whole lot of fun on your experiential journey with your new tribe and team of support.


A life changing journey that an incredible 99% of people call “one of the best weeks of their lives”

“I just attended Kristin Balter’s Mastermind Retreat in Bali that forever changed me”

“I have healed my body and my mind and cannot thank Kristin enough.  I was never a spiritual person but now I believe in Magic!”

“I’ve met some of the best friends of my life at the last magical retreat”

“I cannot tell you how much this has impacted my life in so many incredible ways”.


How to Join the SoulTribe?

Attend one of our next Soul Tribe Camp Mastermind Retreats . APPLY ONLINE DIRECT to  

Want to Join a Soul Tribe Mastermind Retreat?

We seek and are calling in a dynamic, heart centered TRIBE of leaders gurus, change makers and visionaries, if you know you are here to do more and raise your vibration we are waiting for YOU. Apply today.

What you SEEK is also SEEKING YOU - Rumi.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world, indeed; its the only thing that ever has. - Margaret Mead

We use mindset, mindfulness, healers and skilled business coaching to ensure that you are able to achieve almost superhuman results in exponential time.



Hey There!

Meet the creator of the Magic Mastermind Retreats, Kristin Balter and some of the core facilitators. Left to right is Kristin, Jonathan George CEO of JG Entertainment and branding expert, Alessandra Sannyas director of the Sannyas Yoga Academy, and Priya Lakhi of Awaken Ananda energy healer and spiritual teacher.