Today, I get to speak my truth so that tomorrow you will speak yours


For 10 years of my life, I have spoken to thousands and thousands of people from around the world on stage, on a microphone and in front of a camera.

As comfortable as I was on stage, I hated it.


Because I wasn’t true in my message. I was speaking for companies on their behalf or sending their messages. Messages with the primary motivation of making them money.

Reality check?

More than half of society are doing jobs and careers, working at something they don’t believe in - to make a pay check.

Looking back, although I got to travel the world on their dime, it seems more than sad to me.

I NOW get to speak from the heart. From my soul. And from my highest self.

I get to speak TRUTH. And even deeper, MY TRUTH

Its rare.

Its scary.

Its empowering.

Its simple. Your own Life By Design.


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